Close Encounters of the Third Kind: How Will the Re-Release of the Classic Fare in Theaters?

Posted 09/04/2017 1782

Films like "Arrival", "Alien" and "Life" all tell the tale of extra-terrestrial contact, but none of this modern films have managed to capture the intrigue and attention of audiences quite like Steven Spielberg's 1977, 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.'

Back 4 decades ago, noone had ever seen the likes of anything resembling the science-fiction novelty of human life encounters with life from outside of the Planet Earth. Even the hit movie, ET had not even became an idea at the time and would not be released for nearly 6 years.

The movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" became an occult classic film that has never been surpassed by any other similar sci-fi film produced to date. To mark its 40th anniversary (Yes, it has been that long and the movie is that old) - the film is being re-released to theaters across the United States for the period of one week's time.

For those who are not familiar with this film or that have never watched it and others who have seen it over and over again, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" boasts the talents of acting icons, Richard Dreyfuss and Francois Truffaut. Which do a masterful job at portraying two of the main characters confronted with both the physical element and the scientific element of coming into contact with extraterrestriall beings.

Through prehistoric devices and dials the two undergo investigation into various levels of extraterrestrial encounters. The first, second, and the third. The first being a visual encounter of a UFO that flies above the home of Richard Dreyfuss's character, Roy. The second encounter being a physical phenomena by which Roy gets his face burned by the entity. The third being an actual third encounter with the entities and their mother-ship which brings on an entirely new set of dramatically filled events and moments.

Trailers introducing the movie's release to theaters, also feature a special edition director's cut of never before viewed scenes, director commentary, and bonus reels. This will have the movie's fanbase pysched to see it on the big screens.

But, with today's CGI effects and technological advances in film production- will it still be revered in the same light as it once was even with all of the extra bonus film features? It has been remastered and restored to 4K as well! Perhaps it will still be seen (no pun intended) just as it has always been - for the cinematic genius it was at the time & for the epic classic it has remained to be all of this time.  But only time will tell and box office statistics when it hits theaters on September 1, 2017.