Life: Mediocrity with a Shocking Ending

Posted 09/09/2017 1034

There has been a vast shortage of sci-fi 'outerspace' films - at least that what we think that Daniel Espinosa was banking on when was directing, "Life." And although "Life" is unique in its own way, it managed to resemble a little bit of "Alien", "Solaris",  "Sunshine" and even, "Interstellar" to some extents- without it even closely nailing it for audiences.

"Life" takes place of course, where else? - but on the International Space Station (ISS) where several astronauts (played by a stellar cast of actors including, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Rebecca Ferguson) all with their own specialities are working on what could be the height of their careers discovery of an "alien life form."

They have stumbled upon a specimen contained within the planet "Mars" soil that supplies strong evidence that "life" exists on Mars. And immediately they begin to experiement, test, poke, prod, investigate and research this extraterrestial, single-celled life form.

However, as each day progresses the life-form becomes more & more testy and it is showing that it is rapidly advancing in its size and intelligence. In their communications with Earth, the ISS astronauts teamed up with school kids who asked the team questions and then got to choose the extraterrestrial entity's name. They named it Calvin.

After the head researcher played by Ariyon Bakare makes a grave mistake and leaves the lab to vulnerability - the organism hibernates into a stasis as a defense mechanism. The team decides they will stimulate it to wake up through the use of an electric current. This is when things go awry!

It grabs and attaches itself to the researcher, and uses the electric poker as a means to break the seal on the glove by which the researcher used to stimulate it. The researcher is then strangulated and taken over by Calvin, when one of the key members of the team opens the lab firewall to rescue the guy.

As chaos ensues, Calvin escapes the lab and the entire space station and crew are left in grave danger of it taking their lives. Its a fight to the death as crew member by crew member meets their demise - until 2 are left to decide to spare their own lives or save the Earth from a Calvin invasion.

The movie is exciting, however it seems to drag on forever as the story becomes predictable and turns into a cat & mouse chase that leaves nothing to the imagination and holds little suspense to the finish.

The characters are interesting in their own unique respects, and the actors do their best to portray them in light of a very lackluster chain of events, however the less than stellar plot and predictability of "Life" is what actually makes it soooo darn mediocre.

It is not until the last 10 minutes of the film that something sparks and surprises you to no-end (pun intended.)

The only thing going for "Life" is that the plot-twist at the end is NOT at all predictable. It is shocking and sets an example of how good this film could have been if the director decided to bring that shock-value to the forefront of the start of the movie - instead of waiting until the end to take that leap of faith.